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StudentCRT gives you powerful tools to monitor your students' wellbeing.

Holistic Student Monitor

All the information you collect about your students is in one place and you can use it all together.

Student Focussed

Specifically designed to help you identify students who may be struggling.

Easy set up and integration

Simple data transfer between StudentCRT, Campus Solutions and Blackboard.

Follow-up faster

Intelligent tools, cross-checks and metrics to identify students needing follow-up faster.

Attendance, Reports, Marks

Easily manage attendance recording, report writing and mark collecting from any number of staff on any number of groups of students.

Manage Efficiently

Rationalise your existing systems and provide staff with just one place to enter data. Use CRT's task-based structure and consistent, intuitive user interface.

Totally Secure

Accessed over a secure connection, all stored data is encrypted and totally secure at all times. Fine-grained permissions control means your staff see only the information they need to.

Improve Workflow

Focus on students, but improve staff workflow at the same time. Everybody wins.

About Us

This is how StudentCRT came into being, what drives us, what we're about as a company.

Once Upon A Time

In our School, we have around 1000 undergraduate students studying with us.

Every Day

We know that at any given time, some of our students are struggling with their mental health, for a variety of reasons. In some cases these issues cause them to withdraw into themselves and understandably miss classes, and/or their academic performance starts to deteriorate.

One Day

For some students, these problems escalate until they are contemplating suicide, or in the worst cases, attempting it. A recent YouGov survey found that 27% of students report suffering from a mental health problem. The NUS found an even worse situation - that in a given year, 33% of students have suicidal thoughts, and 8/10 admit to suffering serious mental health problems.

Because of That

We asked ourselves if we were doing our best to help these students, and whether with the data we routinely collect about them; their attendance, coursework marks and reports, we could do better. We found that the collation and processing of the data we do to identify which students may be struggling and require follow-up could be made much more efficient. We decided to do something about it, and StudentCRT is the result.

Because of That

We can identify students who may be struggling, or beginning to struggle, much faster, and we now feel that we are doing our best to help prevent student wellbeing issues from escalating. We're just looking out for them better.

Until Finally

The number of our students who experience great difficulties during their studies with us, and reach the point of contemplating suicide, is greatly reduced. We feel we're performing our duty of care to the best of our ability.

And Also

There are other benefits to StudentCRT. It improves staff workflow both from the point of view of tutors/academics who only have one place they need to enter data, and administrative staff save a lot of time collating and processing data and can get to the important bit, following up with students, much faster.

"StudentCRT has allowed us to identify several serious welfare cases that had gone undetected and unreported. We were able to act swiftly to prevent their circumstances deteriorating further." --Tim Jones, Director of Teaching and Learning, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, University of Manchester
"We're now able to identify students we need to follow-up personally almost as soon as problems start to manifest themselves. It has also saved us a lot of work in the office." --Géraldine Garrabet, Student Support Officer, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester

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